Tiendesitas without pics

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  1. hi! i was able to reach your site through a search output from google. my hubby and i (actually, it is more of me) have been wanting to go to Tiendesitas for sometime now. the problem is, my hubby doesn’t know (us pala, he he he…) the ins and outs of ortigas (we’re from way up Southern Manila, that’s why.) – which road is one-way and which is two-way thing. hope you could give me some roadtips on how to go there. thanks a lot! Godbless! by the way, i think i’m also kinda’ interested with that medication you’ve mentioned in your blog. i think my doggie needs it too. he’s super taba considering that he’s only nearing his two years of dog age. hay, dami ko na nasabi, thanks!

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