The dog that changed my family

6 thoughts on “The dog that changed my family”

  1. Aaawwe! With a face and eyes like that! So cute! Have two dogs at home and they do light up the mood at the house somehow. 🙂

    And yes by the way, The links are pushed down on IE.

  2. Yep. That’s how dogs are. They’re like little human babies who after a hard day’s work, you suddenly see yourself running around playing with him/her. And no amount of spanking (you give them for peeing all over the place or chewing on your favorite shoe) will stop them from giving you unconditional love. 😀

  3. Yeay! My first comment to you! I’ll link you up in a while. 🙂

    Our lives were changed forever too just two weeks ago as we got a 3 month old shih tzu (plus fleas) and named him Chewy (after Chewbacca).

    My dad always joked that he likes bigger dogs and getting a tiny dog might be a disaster as he might accidentally step on him or turn the dog into a rag. But my dad has softened up, he even lets the dog sleep in his room! My mom, on the other hand, has always wanted a shih tzu and so when she finally got one, she kept cooing and talking to it like it came out of her! My little brothers, thankfully, do not fight over him. I caught my sister, who talks in her sleep, WHISTLING in her sleep, as if she was calling Chewy! And as for me, the moment I carried him and put him on my lap the first night we had him, I fell in love. And I just love it when he gets excited because I’m around. =) Chewy is getting spoiled though. Whenever I pet him, he almost automatically lays on his back so I could scratch his underbelly!

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