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MOC: LEGO Desk Pen Holder

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Top 10 Upgrades for Yachts Using Linear Actuators

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Manila Bulletin Video: An Interview with Tiffany Grace Uy

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Manila Bulletin Video: An Interview with Tiffany Grace Uy


Our Manila Bulletin video team was able to interview summa cum laude Tiffany Uy for our weekend video series. Check it out below.


MOC: LEGO Desk Pen Holder

Got hold of a some flora and fauna from the Lego Certified Store in Bonifacio Global City and paired these up with bricks I got from BrickOwl. I needed to organize my work desk so instead of using a mug to stack pens, (MUGS ARE FOR DRINKING!) functional LEGO should suffice. This is actually a practice build for an ocean coast + cliffs that I intend to use with the Metalbeard Sea Cow set I got for my birthday back in 2013, but only had time to build about a year and a half later.


Pick My Style Instant Fashion Feedback App – your mobile second opinion!

What to wear? It’s a classic question many people face everyday. Fifteen11 Pte Ltd. recently announced the launch of Pick My Style a breakthrough Android app that makes answering this question with the help of peers simple, exciting and more fun than ever. Users have responded with enthusiasm.

To my fashion blogger friends: I’d love for you to try out a new app developed by some of my friends. Pick My Style is essentially your “mobile second opinion” allowing you to say “yay!” or “nay!” to other people’s #OOTD from around the world. You cna also opt to crowdsource a fashion opinion if you are torn between two pieces of fashion.


Gerphil Flores sings the National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang)

Today on Manila Bulletin, the center-spread opens up to reveal a QR code and NFC tag that allows you to watch this video on your mobile device.

Manila Bulletin presents Lupang Hinirang as sung by Gerphil Flores. Happy Independence Day!


We’ve only just … VIGAN

Manila Bulletin presents: Historic Vigan was officially declared as one of the New Seven Wonder Cities of the world in front of St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral on May 7, making the Philippines, one of the three countries in the world with more than one wonder.

VIDEO: Urban Agri Trade Show by Manila Bulletin


Check out our feature on the Urban Agri Trade Show at the Rockwell Tent.


Motorized Blinds: The New Grade A+ Boiler on the Block

I’ve been in the market for a whole set of blinds or curtains for the new house. It wouldn’t have been so urgent had (1) the afternoon sun be creeping into my LEGO pirate ship display above (which is a big no-no!) and (2) my toddler having a hard time going to sleep in the afternoon because we don’t have a single dim room.

The authorities might be attempting to drill into us the importance of Grade A boilers and other heating devices that can supposedly save us money, although we have another electric suggestion. Motorized blinds may have been some fancy gadget several years ago, but their capabilities over recent times have soared through the roof. Their features now mean that you can use them to great effect when it comes to temperature control, as we will now find out.

Partition Manager Professional 10.5 and why it’s a necessity

As a tech guy who is very sensitive to storage space needs, I’ve been rather wary when it comes to the issue of dealing with managing storage space. For one, in the country I live, Internet penetration is on average quite slow so the cloud isn’t a good enough solution for backup solutions like Carbonite.

For the past 6 years I’ve been running Bootcamp on two MacBook Pros, playing around with the partition between Windows and Mac. I’ve been looking for a similar solution that isn’t from Apple which I can apply across the board to my other devices and it seems that the best solution offered today comes from Partition Master Professional (latest version is 10.5 as of this writing) by EaseUS. For instance, not only does it partition a drive, it can also remove a partition without deleting data, which is the most convenient thing ever. For those who tread the two paths of Mac and PC, you can also easily convert (format) to and from FAT32 and NTFS with ease.

LEGO Certified Store at KidZania in BGC

I was invited to the opening of the country’s first LEGO Certified Store at the KidZania building along BGC. Check out my piece in Manila Bulletin on the opening, with photos.

It was also good to be reunited with old Internet friends Marc and Sharm Macalua all dressed up as Storm Troopers for the launch. There’s also a piece on the 501st Legion on Manila Bulletin here.

Using events to market your business

In this competitive business environment we are living in, it can be a daunting task to get a small business off the ground. With all of the other companies, it can be easy for your business to be swept under the rug and forgotten about unless you are very diligent with your preparation. There are a wide variety of factors to consider when you are first starting a business. Some of these details are more critical than others. It is the choices than you make during this crucial period that will determine if your business is a success or if it will disappear quickly. Here are some tips regarding how to make your small business grow.

Paper or Pixels? Reading in the Digital Age

2015 marks the year where publishers finally see the sober reality of how traditional paper books have recovered sales. The eBook fad may be dying.
But eBooks are not dead. At least not yet (I personally still read on my Kindle). There’s many a reason as to why eBooks will still thrive together with print.


Answering the #BootLEGO Question

This post originally appeared on THE DORKSIDE. Click on the link below to read the full article.

Is fake LEGO worth the money? It’s no joke: next to collecting Play Arts action figures, LEGO doesn’t come cheap. Although in recent years the Danish brick giant has come up with more affordable products like Mixels and Bionicle, the core LEGO sets are still priced at a premium. Add to the fact that in the Philippines, sets are priced around 30% higher for small to medium boxes and about 100% higher for the big collector sets. Any pragmatic AFOL – that is — Adult Fan of LEGO — may probably want to opt for an alternative, if there was one.


Gears of War: Maximum Security Gadgets For Cyber Crimes

Technology gears up in the war against cyber-crimes developing the latest maximum security big guns in gadgets to protect consumers everywhere. Whether you choose to log in on an encrypted laptop device or your average smartphone, you will have more ammunition and shields to keep you protected from hackers, identity thieves, and malware.


On ABL’s Responsive Design

About two years ago, I felt the urge this blog needed a design overhaul. First and foremost, responsive design played a huge factor in the call to upgrade as many of the existing WordPress plugins didn’t make the site too appealing on mobile. I called in the guys from PixelKit to do an overhaul. Responsive design wasn’t the only focus though as I wanted the option to apply a different template to posts that were deemed “less news more features.” Here are some examples:

Oppo R5 Video Review: Chop vegetables, run it over a car

In this Manila Bulletin TechNews special, we take a look at the toughness that is the Oppo R5. It’s not just a phone =- it’s practically a kitchen appliance. Specs include a 5.2″ AMOLED screen built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 16MB of internal memory and a 1.5GHz Octacore Snapdragon processor.

For the full video, click on the link below.


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