5 Ways to Improve Your Online Security

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The best Android games of 2016 (so far!)

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Underwater Photography: Rhinopias, Mariona, and Pygmy Seahorse

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Manila Bulletin’s MBLife

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The best Android games of 2016 (so far!)

Every month, there are heaps of new games released, some good and some bad. But what are the best Android games of 2016 so far?


Roll the Ball
Roll the Ball is one of the top games released this year. A slide puzzle game that requires you to use physics and engineering to win, it can keep you entertained for hours. And not only is it entertaining, but also intellectually stimulating, as the game requires planning and in turn, a decent amount of strategy. The aim of the game is to get the ball from the start to the ‘goal. To do so you must construct the tiles so the ball can move though a continuous tube. However, not all of the tiles can be moved, with some having to be screwed to the ‘wall’, and not all the tiles need moving, thus the game involves creativity.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – FREE tool to recover lost data

Have you ever regretted deleting something from your system? Admit it — it’s happened to the best of us, whenever a computer is involved. Be it (accidentally) installing something malicious, negotiating a virus or dealing with good ‘ol wear and tear, we’re always at risk of losing data.


How to Choose a Private Student Loan Lender

When it comes time for you to take out a private student loan or refinance your old student loans, you want to know that you chose the right and best lender in your area. It can be difficult to work with some companies, especially if they do not offer you the benefits you desire. It is important that you spend some time researching student loan lenders BEFORE you decide to sign a contract with any of them.
It is always smart to shop around before choosing a private student loan lender or a new refinancing lender. Consider using a tool to help you compare the best lenders. Some sites allow you compare refinancing lenders with one simple application.

5 Surprising Ways You Can Slice Down Your Pizza Costs

And now, ladies and gents — pizza. It’s the default delivery food that’s been associated with pop culture. Did you know you can milk the pizza guy by finding ways to save money when ordering online? Wouldn’t you surprised if we say – you can save absolutely 50% on your pizza? Here are five ways to slice down your pizza costs (pun intended!)

7 Smart Strategies to Manage Your Betting Apps

With so many choices between betting apps for Canadians, it is important to manage all your accounts at these sites and bet sensibly. Here are seven smart strategies that will help you manage your betting apps:

Check out these awesome screenshots from the first hour of Rise of the Tomb Raider


The Tomb Raider reboot, at least in my opinion, was one of the more recent successes in injecting a refreshing take on everyone’s favorite heroine. With this second installment, Lara Croft is back – obsessed, bruised and broken as she tries to follow her father’s footsteps for the search for immortality.

5 Gadgets we don’t need but absolutely want for everyday life

We use a lot of things and gadgets in our everyday life and most of them are very habitual. You brush your hair, use plates and forks, wear some kind of clothes, feed your pet – and all of this is a routine which can even sometimes make you feel tired. Some people try to diversify daily living and make their every minute full of impressions. Besides, customary things can also become peculiar and interesting to use. Moreover, one casual gadget can combine a few different functions. Let us see what novelties can make our life more exciting.

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Security

The age of Internet brings about a new set of dangers that accompany us in everyday life, and if you want to reap all the benefits provided by high tech without the risk of getting into serious trouble at every turn, you can’t do without some basic knowledge on how to avoid online threats and secure yourself from hostile activities.

Password Security
With the amount of accounts in different services, websites, banks, shops and such one has to deal with today, it is increasingly tempting to think up just one password for all of them and use it for all registrations. It is hardly a good idea, though. Firstly, passwords used by most people are fairly easy to crack, even by brute force attack. Secondly, if you use the same password to control your bank account and to register on a third-rate forum, you are asking for trouble.
You’re much better off using a password manager or creating your own algorithm of creating passwords for different websites that would be easy to remember.

Use an ID Protection Service
The sheer scale of identity theft and associated activities has led to the appearance of numerous ID protection organizations, with different sets of services suitable both for individual people and companies. You may find comprehensive descriptions of them, for example, on IdTheftAuthority.com – if you want to keep track of all your bank account and prevent credit card fraud and other similarly unpleasant eventualities they are certainly worth considering.

Anti-Viral Protection
Today computer viruses, Trojans and worms rarely crash your system or delete your data – they pursue more practical goals, like stealing your passwords, numbers of your credit cards and similar information. Even a 30-symbol password isn’t going to protect you from malicious software reading your keystrokes from inside your system. What you can do to avoid it? Have dependable anti-virus software running at all times. Check suspicious files with VirusTotal or similar services. Try not to visit dubious websites if it can be helped.

Don’t Click Mail Links
Never click on links in emails unless you are absolutely sure they are safe. Even if the mail comes from a trustworthy source – the email address could have been hijacked by malware to spread itself. This goes double for emails seemingly coming from banks and other financial institutions asking you to log in – they are almost certain to be scams.

Scan Your Downloads
Never open email attachments or downloads directly from the browser. Download them first, run them through your anti-virus, check them through online anti-virus aggregators, and only then you may, tentatively, open them. It still pays to avoid downloading files from potentially dubious sources – even a seemingly excessive anti-viral check sometimes fails to detect malicious software.
In the long run, your best protection against online dangers isn’t any kind of software – it is your own common sense. When you are about to do something online, ask yourself if it is a good idea, if it is risky, and if this risk is worth it – and everything will be alright.

Manila Bulletin’s MBLife


Hello. Just a quick update. I’m blogging. Again! It’s been a long, long road since 8List back in 2012. Just this week, the team at Manila Bulletin soft-lunched MBLife, which is essentially our own agile experiment at our millennial marketing efforts.

From the lighter side of Manila Bulletin, we welcome you to MB LIFE, our latest lifestyle portal among our ever-growing portfolio of new products. Yes, there are articles. But more than that, we choose to be a bit more self-aware by welcoming you into our home, namely to our curated collection of “very nice things.” On one hand, there are toys. Lots of them. Absent of pretense, we open our ever-growing toy collection to the public eye through our TOY SHELF section. Then there’s the nostalgia. Being in the most unique position of having chronicled news in the Philippines for the past 116 years, we open our doors to the prized archives of historical front pages, photography, and vintage ads through NOSTALGIA MANILA. These, together with our bite-sized web documentaries, tutorials and slice of life (the agonies and the ecstasies) op-eds comprise our daily dispatches for the everyday millennial.

Check us out!

Behind the screen: On humanity and its place in technology

Krizette Chu of Manila Bulletin’s Panorama asked me to do an opinion piece on how I thought technology changes the way we deal with people. Being a young parent, I wrote about iPad parenting (it’s benefits!) and building resilience. This is an excerpt of the piece. The full article can be found online.


A slice of exotica: Rachaleve’s Kenyan Cuisine

This piece originally appears in full in the Lifestyle Section of The Manila Bulletin.

There was nothing but excitement as the escalator took me up to the floor of Arrozeria at the Century Mall. Known for its paella and other dishes focused on rice, the venue of choice piqued my (blooming) sensitivities to expand my palate. This was the lunch venue of Cheryl Tiu’s “Cross Cultures” food tour, a movement to experience the food we don’t often see (or taste) very often. For lunch, we had Rachaleve’s Kenyan Cuisine behind the counter. Her full name is Rachaleve Kamau, born in Nairobi and like many foreigners with similar origins stories of landing in the Philippines, fell in love with Manila in 2009. She lives here part time, sharing Kenyan cuisine in dappled regularity at bazaars and catering.

7 Creative Ways to Maximize your Dental Business

Dentists know that expanding a practice is hard work, but with a little creativity, there are easy things that can be done to help maximize a dental business. Working with a company like acceleratemypractice.com can be a quick way to reach your growth potential, but the following easy steps can help anyone looking to see more patients.


How to Choose the Best School for a Degree in Audio Engineering

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to turn an audio production or audio engineering career into a success. A lot of people are simply amateurs who experiment as a thing to do as a hobby or for simple fun, and they then start to see themselves as professionals. It is also for this reason that you can find plenty of online courses, many of which are free, in this field. However, these courses are often pretty much worthless for someone who truly wants to start a career. If you want to become an audio producer or audio engineer, you will need to go to a serious audio engineering school. This is where you will truly learn everything about how sound works, how to take it apart, how to use computers to manipulate audio data and more. You can choose to do this one step at a time, by taking free online tutorials, but if you really want to make it in this field, you will need to go to proper school.

How to: Choose a Company to Handle Your Light and Sound Requirements

A lot of companies organize large scale events, such as seminars or office parties, and forget to focus on audio visual equipment and lighting. This is mainly because they don’t know how much planning is actually involved in this. The technical side is something that most people have little understanding of, after all. According to a prominent audio visual company, a number of problems are most common.

A Few Tips to Help You Get Approved for a Loan if You Have Bad Credit

There is a huge rise in demand for loans for people with poor credit ratings. This is mainly because everyday people are still suffering from the recent economic collapse. Additionally, prices continue to rise. People with bad credit often feel as if there is no way out for them if they need money in a hurry. If you find yourself in that situation, the following tips may be of benefit for you.

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