Introducing Beats Studio 2.0

2 days ago

Is Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell more of the same?

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Top 10 Upgrades for Yachts Using Linear Actuators

4 weeks ago

#BeFullyInformed by Manila Bulletin

2 weeks ago

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Motorized Blinds: geeking out your home

When motorized blinds first donned the market, it would be fair to say that there were several raised eyebrows. Not because of the idea – this was something that was always going to hit the shelves eventually – but because of the target audience. Most people thought that they were just targeted towards the “elite” group of homeowners – those that had pots of money to install these extravagant devices.

Introducing Beats Studio 2.0

From the press: Indulge yourself in premium style with Beats Studio 2.0, now finished in Champagne and Metallic Sky. The new Beats Studio has been completely redesigned and reimagined to give you a taste of the iconic Beats sound and the most intimate and realistic listening experience. It’s lighter, sexier, stronger, and more comfortable, with precision sound, Adaptive Noise Canceling, a 20-hour rechargeable battery and RemoteTalk™. It has all the energy and excitement you expect from Beats, plus a powerful, reengineered sound, wrapped in an elegantly crafted exterior.

Is Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell more of the same?

I thoroughly enjoyed Saints Row IV. It was, in sum, a well-written commentary of the current state of video games and pop culture. It wasn’t just the slapstick humor, the puns and rim shot jokes that made this game interesting — it also had several highlights especially in the loyalty side quests that the President had to go through (case in point Matt’s side quest on comic book characters).

#BeFullyInformed by Manila Bulletin

I’d like to share with you the latest commercial of Manila Bulletin’s #BeFullyInformed campaign for 2015. The timely ad brings to light the strange brew of knee-jerk reactions, armchair activism and netizen ire in the age of social media. To quote Pontius Pilate, “What is truth?”

Full ad after the jump. If you want the YouTube version, check out #BeFullyInformed on YouTube.

Manila Bulletin Video Team: Who is Pope Francis?

AWW YIZZZ! I’m super proud of our new video team. This is a short feature that have many individuals answering the question, ‘Who is Pope Francis?’

Click on the link below to see the full feature.


I’m on Tiny Letter.

Friends recently asked me to subscribe to their Tiny Letter emailers. I realized I had an account from long ago but never took to really making it work. It has like, zero subscribers. PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE THAT!

Quick Pick: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Huzzah! My first venture into the Metal Gear franchise. I bought this back in the holiday Steam sale because of its “enclosed sandbox” gameplay. You can literally speed run this game in less than 30 minutes but come back for more missions inside the concentration-camp like setting.

Game Review: Slotomania for iOS and Android (FREE)

The gaming world comes up with new games every month, and at times it is not wrong to call that the market is almost raining with gaming apps. In fact, the users of the Android, iPhone or other Apple devices sometimes get confused with what their choice should be. When it comes to slot games, the users would like to try as many slot games as possible until they feel contented after playing the best slot game ‘Slotomania’. Slotomania is a free video game app, which can be downloaded without any hassle. Additionally the Facebook users too can make use of the app for playing the game with their friends and extending their friends list by inviting new friends.

Happy Hour SG: Making sense of the urban bar crawl in Singapore

Lately, Singapore and Hong Kong have been on my travel itinerary fairly often — mostly because of work and family. When let lose unto the urban sprawl, it took a while before I got completely comfortable walking the streets. My past trips to HK found me turning on Foursquare and grabbing the complimentary hotel room smartphone and turning it into a hotspot. Then I walk. The integration of Foursquare with Google Maps helps me discover a lot of new places. Coffee shops, craft beer and speak easy bars are usually at the top of my list. At times though, making sense of the city can be taxing. It’s a concrete jungle after all and the trouble with apps like Foursquare is that it can be too overwhelming if you only want to discover specific things.

The Main Features of Medline and Care line Actuators

Offering Solutions to Present-Day Challenges
With more patients to take care of, the health care sector has been looking for ways to better the operations and working conditions in the health sector. Actuators in the medical industry have come with many features including improved ergonomics that are safe, flexible, reliable, and easy to control to adjust them for various kinds of treatments for the patient in the hospitals. These actuators provide the society with distinct solutions to their health care needs that meet the challenges facing the health care sector.


Top 10 Upgrades for Yachts Using Linear Actuators

And now for some surface interval time — with yachts! Here are 10 upgrades for yachts using linear actuators.

Actuators are devices that are capable of producing short stroke directional and or unidirectional motion without any linkage. Linear actuators produce motion through a buildup of magnetic field created by magnetism which enables motion. In yachts, linear actuators provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor use in anything that may require an extension and retraction with less maintenance costs. Linear actuators find use in yachts in the following ways which include:


Radar arches
Through a short stroke produced, linear actuator helps in collapsing and raising arches. Here the actuator is in-built making it easy to work with less supervision.


Manila Bulletin Video Interview: Master Joseph Chau of ‘Feng Shui Essentials’


This is a video that we shot for the book launch of Feng Shui Essentials: Year of the Goat 2015. This is the first (and the longest) of a couple of video features where we interview renowned Feng Shui Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing. Below is your forecast for the year 2015. We shot this at our office at the Manila Bulletin.

The Steam 2014 Holiday Sale (The Haul Thus Far…)


Here we go. A couple of days into the Steam sale and here’s the damage so far:

Bioshock Infinite Season Pass – Bought the main game on launch and after hearing great stuff about the Buried at Sea DLC’s, the Season Pass was a no-brainer buy for less than P300.00

X-Com Enemy Within – Same as above. Plowed through 40 hours of X-Com sans the expansion. Heard it’s a totally different game. A great buy for the price!

Gabriel Knight – Thanks Jed Revita of OMGeek!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Because P99.00

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Fast. Replayable. OMG.

Shadow Warrior – Thanks Dre! Supposedly really good!

Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth – the most expensive game on sale I got (thus far!) as it broke the P1,000 mark. But so worth it. Put in around 4 hours.

What have you bought?

High Gloss Dining Tables

A dining table is a thing that undoubtedly attracts the attention both of your family or guests once they enter the room. As a main accent of the dining room, it should also create cheerful and graceful atmosphere. So, it is highly important to choose your dining table wisely, as a proof of your sophisticated taste. But there are so many table models nowadays, made of huge variety of materials with so many decorative elements, that it is easy to get lost among the plethora of options. However, if you like contemporary minimalist designs, high gloss dining tables would be an excellent solution.

5 Perks of the New iPad mini

Are you looking to upgrade your tablet? Perhaps you’re looking for your first tablet, or maybe you just want something new to add to your collection. Say hello to the iPad mini 3, and then check out these perks of owning one compared to having a simple smartphone or outdated tablet.

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