Considerations When Looking at Video Conferencing Services

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Disney CARS by Takara Tomy (TOMICA) now available in Manila

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Underwater Photography: Rhinopias, Mariona, and Pygmy Seahorse

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3 Reasons to Try Out Handwriting Again

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5 Tips to Getting Quick Money

From time to time we all get into situations when we need some cash right now – to buy something that cannot wait until payday, to pay off a debt, to pay the rent, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there are ways out of your predicament.


Disney CARS by Takara Tomy (TOMICA) now available in Manila

It took a while, but we finally have them. As someone who pays close attention to kiddie toys (since my son is now at that age), I got rather excited to see a complete lineup of Cars / Cars 2 toys from the “Dream Series” of Tomica. I first saw these in Hong Kong, and about 5 months later, they’re finally here. Toy Kingdom (in SM Malls), Metro, Rustan’s … they all have it.

4 Major Web Design Trends for 2016

Looking to build your website rankings for the coming new year? Incorporate these web design trends with your site to keep your readers engaged.

It is incredibly fascinating to observe the evolution web design undergoes over the years. Sometimes changes occur seemingly all by themselves, sometimes as a reaction to changes in offline or online world; but the process never stops for a single moment. Knowing these tendencies, it is not all that hard to make an educated guess what web design will be like in 2016 – so let’s take a look.

Mysteries of Bonding 109: Surety Letters – You Get What You Pay For

Most property holders allude to their month to month commitment to reimburse their home advance as a home loan. A home loan is a security instrument between the bank and the property holder where the title is held by the mortgage holder.States that utilization a Deed of Trust will do as such with a non legal dispossession. title loans Tucson a legal dispossession requires a loan specialist to really take the mortgage holder to court and get a court request to offer the property. A legal abandonment is an exceptionally long process. The greater part of this dispossession have a recovery period permitting the mortgage holder to bring the advance current. A non legal dispossession is a procedure that can take as meager as six months. State law requires certain recording of notification inside of the County where the property is situated, and in addition educating the mortgage holder of the goal to abandon. At the point when a Deed of Trust secures a home, the dispossession procedure is alluded to as a Trustee Sale.

3 Reasons to Try Out Handwriting Again

In this technologically evolving world, it’s easy to forget about the technologies that got us to where we are today.

Many of them aren’t obsolete in the way the floppy disc or cassette tape is. Simple inventions like the ink pen continue to be as relevant today as they were when they were first introduced. They continue to have a very important relationship with humans, and the way we think and record our thoughts and feelings. Here are three reasons to think about making handwriting more a part of your life, as well as a suggestion to let uni-ball provide the pen you use to do it.

(1) Handwriting is the most tactile form of recorded communication. There is something about putting a pen to paper and using it to map out each character that represents a thought, which is useful in turning that thought into a memory. Typing just doesn’t have the same physical connection to higher thought. Perhaps this is because handwriting is so difficult to learn for the first time. Children labor at it in school, trying to get their clumsy fingers to mimic the motions necessary to craft neat print and cursive.

(2) Handwriting is personal. It’s a uniquely human form of recording words. Computers can generate their own text, but an individual’s handwriting is as unique as her fingerprint. When communicating from the heart, nothing works like handwriting.

(3) Handwriting is beautiful. Handwriting can achieve a nuanced beauty that a typeface never could. There is a place for both, of course. But without handwriting, written communication becomes tragically uniform.


Uni-ball is trying to reclaim handwriting for a new generation, providing the best pen experience you’re likely to have. Click here to see some of the pen options that uni-ball brings to the table. Next time you need to make a note or write a letter, do it with uni-ball.

Is Google Getting Ready to Sell its Smart Contact Lens?

From bracelets that can track your daily activity and heart rate to watches that accept phone calls and send text messages, wearable technology is becoming more common. Until now, medical professionals have had to rely on obtrusive home tests and patient compliance to gather daily data on their patient’s chronic medical conditions. For millions of diabetics, this means constant monitoring of fluctuating blood glucose levels via a finger prick and a portable blood glucose monitor. A team within tech giant Google, known as Google X, is working on making wearable technology in the form a smart contact lens. Think of a smart lens as an amped-up technology-rich version of your favorite contact lenses such as the ultra-popular Acuvue Oasys lenses.

5 Reasons eReaders Will Eventually Win You Over

Maybe old habits die hard, but we’ve got some insights provided by the Wise Ink Blog telling it how it is: you’ll want your eBooks sooner or later.

You Love the Earth
You want the planet to survive and one thing that will certainly help make that happen is to dramatically reduce the demand for our natural resources. That’s what eReading devices bring to the table. With eReaders, publishing companies no longer have to use paper every time. Imagine thousands of books a year rendered in eBook format. That would mean thousands of books that saved up on paper and trees. If the trend continues to grow, the next generation of readers might have a shot at growing up with real forests and trees. Plus, every time you buy an eReader, you’re making a choice. You’re telling the industry that you’re willing to pay for this service. If you use that buying power to support eBooks and save trees, then perhaps more and more people would learn how to be responsible with their buying choices.

Music tech: what choice will the connoisseur make?

While there are still thousands of vinyl junkies and lossless file obsessives scouring record stores, it seems like we’ve stopped caring quite so much about high fidelity in our music listening experience.

Just think of the tiny speakers you hear on mobile phones, or the muffled strains of an iPod dock. Fidelity has stopped being important. And, without sounding like your dad trying to push his 70’s prog rock on his kids, the trend of poor sound quality is grating on the ears.

Let’s look at the old days, when turntables were the name of the game. Although most people had to put up with less than high quality turntables, their speakers were invariably excellent. They didn’t have to worry about their internet connection timing out or their music buffering.

Indeed, no number of hi-tech laptops can beat a good quality sound system. And there’s still a huge number of products available to give you an optimal listening experience. So what could we recommend?

Micromax: Enhancing the Mobile Experience in India

As one of the premiere mobile phone providers in India, it is no surprise that Micromax has managed to corner the market in amazing ways. Part of their strategy, of course, has been to command the best Micromax prices in India and of course make sure that they are at the forefront of technology, which is not always the easiest thing in the world. For example, part of the price they command is a direct result of the technology that the phones incorporate. As you probably know, mobile technology has been moved forward in great strides recently, and as such phones do need to be on the cutting edge. Micromax has done a great job of keeping their phones in the game, with high-end processors and access to the latest Android operating systems, such as Android KitKat and Lollipop. Some of the latest features from KitKat include:

Philippine Farmers: Is the craft dying?

A Manila Bulletin Video Production

Farming has been the long-standing primary livelihood for the family of Maximino Legaspi, a native here who hails from Barangay Malasin ― he breathes it day in and day out, and it runs in his veins.


Underwater Photography: Rhinopias, Mariona, and Pygmy Seahorse

Two dives, 202 photos and over 140 minutes of bottom time. Sharing three shots (out of 202!!) from the weekend dive. We kicked off from Anilao PHOTO Hotel with Ivan Manzanares. Not only is he a spotter, he’s adept with a camera so he helped jog back my understanding of shooting with a P&S from 3 months of absence from Vitamin Sea.


Photo Review: LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (#21108)

LEGO_Ecto_1_ - 1

Christmas 2014 greeted me with a coveted LEGO Ecto-1 from the LEGO Ideas catalog. For those unaware, ‘Ideas’ is a crowdsourcing campaign that LEGO set up many months ago. It essentially is a “built it and pitch it” program where anyone can show LEGO their creations, gain support and then have the marketing team over at Billund ‘productize’ it. The ECTO-1 from, a fanboy standpoint, is an instant win for such a campaign.

The Digital Reading Revolution

The Internet had a lot to do with a relative slump in book sales and the subculture of bookworms and those searching for creative inspiration. The digital revolution started years ago and the world wide web offered information at the touch of a few buttons even with relatively slow download speeds at the start. Now, access to information is nearly instantaneous and practically everyone you know owns a computer, tablet or smart phone that keeps them connected to everything they could desire at all times. Books took a back seat to HD television and movies, streaming media and even online concerts because the Internet and the whole digital revolution gave people choices. And then came ebooks and things started to change.

Manila Bulletin Video: An Interview with Tiffany Grace Uy


Our Manila Bulletin video team was able to interview summa cum laude Tiffany Uy for our weekend video series. Check it out below.


MOC: LEGO Desk Pen Holder

Got hold of a some flora and fauna from the Lego Certified Store in Bonifacio Global City and paired these up with bricks I got from BrickOwl. I needed to organize my work desk so instead of using a mug to stack pens, (MUGS ARE FOR DRINKING!) functional LEGO should suffice. This is actually a practice build for an ocean coast + cliffs that I intend to use with the Metalbeard Sea Cow set I got for my birthday back in 2013, but only had time to build about a year and a half later.


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