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Last month’s macro haul on the Sony RX-100 Mark II

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Last month’s macro haul on the Sony RX-100 Mark II

As much as I prefer shooting video on the ‘ol RX-100, macro photography has become a default posit in my dive schedule as of late. This is mostly because the dive sites I’ve been frequenting with Steve Tan are considered playgrounds for all things small. And really, there’s nothing more challenging than finding a shrimp that’s 1/10 the size of a needle in a haystack of anemone.

My current setup involves the RX-100 Mark II (no reason to upgrade to the Mark III) on the Nauticam housing. But this time, I left my +10 diopter at shore because Tim Ho lent me his +15 prototype. Speaking of Tim, Anilao Photo Hotel is the place to be if you want to improve your photography (Not a sponsored post!! I pay for my dives!). This was the first time my spotter actually gave me an actual tutorial underwater, showing me how to stabilize my shots and adjusting my strobe positions. This was exactly what I was looking for in a guide and Tim’s dive masters are also trained photographers, so they know how to operate a camera as much as — and even more as — you do.

Here are some of my shots:

5 Perks of the New iPad mini

Are you looking to upgrade your tablet? Perhaps you’re looking for your first tablet, or maybe you just want something new to add to your collection. Say hello to the iPad mini 3, and then check out these perks of owning one compared to having a simple smartphone or outdated tablet.

Standing Out in a Sea of Shouting

One of the best ways to promote your company or brand is to showcase (or “table”) at a convention or conference. Where else will you have the opportunity to sell yourself and your company directly to thousands of people all at once–and in a venue guaranteed to be receptive to what you have to offer? For many, especially those in the indie industry, tabling at cons makes up the majority of their annual income.

The primary issue that many promoters have with cons is that the competition for attendees’ attention is fierce. “Expo Halls” and “Vendor Areas” are filled with other tablers and their goal is to sell as much of their product and to build as much brand appreciation as possible. These tablers and promoters are going to go all out to get attendees attention. So how do you make sure that you stand out in a sea of shouting?

Have a Fantastic Display
Building a great booth is key for your success at a con. Do not simply lay out a few of your products on a bare table and expect people to notice you (or to think favorably of you if they do). You don’t have to build a large or elaborate booth. For one thing, large and elaborate booths are expensive. For another, there is such a thing as trying too hard. You do, however, need to have some good signage and you need to try to decorate your vending space as much as possible. Set up some multi-leveled displays. Maybe hang a banner in front of the table and up on the wall behind you. There are lots of ways to create a great booth on a small budget.

Engage But Don’t Harass
It is bad form at a convention to actively call people over to your booth. Shouting out “you look like you could use a [insert your product or swag here]!” and motioning people over will make your convention neighbors hate you and will alienate everybody who is walking by, whether you were addressing them directly or not. It’s like being the convention version of the overly aggressive mall kiosk salespeople. You don’t want that.

You do, however, want to engage with the masses who are walking past your booth. The best way to do this is to compliment people. “I like your shirt!” or “That’s a great bag!” or something similar will get a person’s attention, make that person feel good and probably pique their interest in you all without your pressuring that person to listen to your sales pitch. Heck, simply saying “Hi there!” to people who look your way will suffice.

Offer Something Different
There are certain types of con swag and products that are widely understood and, often, even expected. T-shirts, water bottles, notepads, stickers, tote bags–everybody has these to sell and give away. You should too. But don’t stop there. You need to offer something that others aren’t. There are all sorts of things that are useful and usable that aren’t made by 3M or Gildan. One trend that we’ve noticed lately is the flash drive. A flash drive that is branded with your logo and URL is a great giveaway and more and more companies are producing them in bulk. You can get them in a bunch of different sizes and shapes (for example, the Memory Suppliers’ credit card flash drive is the same size, shape and width of a real credit card)–whatever fits in best with your brand. Some companies even order these flash drives to come pre-loaded with a freebie download like an ebook, an mp3 or a free video to help better sell their wares.
Finally, remember that actively making sales at a con is just one part of a successful tabling event. The real measure of a con’s success for your business is how many sales you bring in during the weeks following the event as well. This is why, even if all you can do is hand over a business card, it’s important to make a positive impression. Use the tips in this article to help you do that.

Working Remotely: There’s More to a Benefits Package than Healthcare

Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one of the best ways to attract your industry’s top talent. In fact, many job seekers–especially those with highly sought after skills–have said that it is the benefits package that plays most heavily into their decision whether or not to seek employment with a company. Sometimes the benefits package is even more important than the offered salary!

Unfortunately, many employers–especially new small business owners–limit their benefits packages to the most basic health care options allowed. Trust us when we tell you that offering vision and dental coverage does not qualify your benefits packages as “extensive.” If you want to offer a really great benefits package, consider the following options:

How to Start Making Money from your Digital Photography Hobby

If you never go anywhere without your digital camera in hand and love to spend time editing your snaps with Photoshop, have you ever thought about turning this hobby into a tidy source of side income? There’s a booming market for online stock photos, as well as a continued need for traditional options like wedding, portrait, and real estate photography. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Virtual Meetings and the Modern Workplace

The workplace is known by most able bodied individuals who are of working age. Although people have been working in offices for many years, the workplace has remained relatively similar since its first appearance. Obviously, innovations have been made within work environments with the easy access and implementation of increasingly modern technology. For instance, offices that used to send errand runners to print shops are now able to print documents off any time with the help of an in-house printing system that is typically “souped up” with all manner of bells and whistles, such as fax machine capabilities. More than a few new pieces of technology have appeared in offices everywhere; however, the modern workplace still remains relatively straightforward in nature. Any given modern workplace is typically made up of a squared off set of rooms or cubicles graced with normal-looking desks, chairs, calendars, and neutral colored carpets. Among all of these normalities sits a single piece of technology that totally changed everything for businesses and their working environments: the computer. More specifically, the “game changer” can be attributed to the video conferencing and virtual meeting capabilities hosted on most modern workplace computers in today’s world. Those who are interested in learning more about video conferencing and why it is essential in the modern workplace have come to the right place. Take a look at the information below to learn how virtual meetings are totally remapping the face of the workplace in the 21st century.

5 Reasons Why Tablets Are Perfect for Kids This Holiday Season

Tablets are an increasingly popular brand of technology that serve more functions than ever, such as being able to read eBooks as well as watch movies. If you have a tech savvy kid who’s always into the newest gadget, this year’s crop of tablets are just in time for the holidays. Here are five reasons why tablets are a great gift selection this holiday season for the younger recipients on your list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video Review

About a year ago, I won a Samsung Galaxy Note III which I promptly surrendered to my wife because she needed a new smartphone. Last month, (how time flies!) I was able to get my fingers tapping and swiping away on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Check out our video review above.

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Sony XPERIA Z3 Video Review by Manila Bulletin

We got our hands on Sony’s latest smartphone, the XPERIA Z3. Straight from our suppliers, we took it into the TechLab and my video team produced this little video feature on the smartphone. Check it out! For more videos, subscribe to Manila Bulletin on YouTube and give us a like here and leave a comment there.

Could the Movie “Sex Tape” Really Happen?

Sex Tape is a 2014 Rom-Com about a couple that decides to shoot a personal tape to spice up their love life. Somehow the tape makes it up to “The Cloud,” and has gone public. Now the embarrassed couple has to run to all of their friends and acquaintances to get back that tape before their lives are ruined. In a pivotal scene in the movie, the couple laments about how no one really understands the cloud.

Conducting A Laughter Invasion

How fast can something ruin your mood? Ten seconds? For most people, a headline reading “OPEC To Reduce Oil Output” is usually enough to put a wet blanket on their day’s good vibes.

When that has happened to you, something may have come along to make you feel better. It could have been a hug from a loved one or a glimpse of a happy cardinal frolicking outside your window. But in these highly-wired days, the bird with the greatest likelihood of pepping you up is the Twitter bird. It could also be something on Facebook, Instagram, or email.
Whatever the source, it gave you a good laugh that turned your day completely around. Knowing the impact of something like that, you can provide that needed laugh for your friends, co-workers, and relatives.

4 Best Tools To Manage Virtual Teams Effectively

Whether you’re a startup company or are planning to expand the operations of your small business to serve a range of clients, at some point you’ll need to deploy personnel offsite and communicate with them on a remote basis.
However, managing a geographically-dispersed team can present huge challenges. Ineffective communication and collaboration can lead to frustration, loss of productivity, and even a negative result on the company’s profit and loss statement. It’s important to overcome these challenges to lay the foundation of effective success throughout the business.
Luckily, business owners can leverage the following set of tools to improve the productivity and efficiency of their virtual teams:

google drive


Why advertising is vital for your small business

You know you have a great product or service that lots of people will love, but how do you get the word out there about your offering? And how can you convince others to give it a try?

Advertising has always played a major role in attracting new customers and getting repeated sales. However, getting your strategy spot on isn’t easy, and many business owners find themselves feeling disgruntled when their advertising efforts and spending don’t bring in more sales.

The World’s a Classroom

Certain university departments stipulate that a year, or at the least a semester, of study will be compulsory to qualification. The catalyst behind this caveat is clear: to broaden your mind, you first have to broaden your outlook, and there’s no better way to do this than to jet off to foreign climes. There are some things that simply can’t be taught from a book, some experiences which are better in the flesh. In travel, there has also been a subtle shift towards a slower, more immersive attitude, to stay longer in a destination longer to more fully benefit from the travel experience. From the artworks and buildings of Europe to the complexity of conversational Japanese, some lessons are best learned away from home.

world is a classroom

When you’re studying abroad or at home, any student of an Architecture degree can benefit from visiting one of Europe’s cities for the weekend; whether it’s the grey stone facades of Edinburgh or the twisted, organic shapes of the Catalan capital Barcelona. However, extending your stay can make for an altogether more fulfilling experience, and spending a month, semester or an entire year abroad can go so far as to change your life. Europe has many, great, English-speaking architecture programs, whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the joyous modernism of Spain, or the crumbling, ghosting temples of Athens and Rome.

There’s no better way to grasp a language quickly than to be fully surrounded by its culture, environment, and its native speakers. Whether you’re learning your target foreign language to teach English to its speakers, or to cultivate an understanding of a different culture, jetting off to the country of its origins is the first step you can take towards gaining fluency. Hungarian or Japanese, Budapest or Tokyo, it’s likely your learning curve will skyrocket as soon as you have to navigate your way through a city of baffling street signs, and order from a menu every day.

Science and Nature
You can be an eco-warrior studying environmental science. You can be a naturalist hooked on zoology. Either way, you can learn a lot from visiting a new place. There are some amazing volunteering opportunities available to gap year students, and even conservation scholarships. Perhaps you want to spend time in Greece protecting leatherback turtles, muck out playful elephants in Thailand or track whales in the North Sea. Whatever your choice, you can experience real wildlife conservation while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Some places have humbling stories to tell. There are ancient civilizations like the crumbling mountaintop city of Machu Picchu in Peru and the pyramids of Giza. There are tales of enduring love, like that of the TajMahal, and there are tales of ageless, unceasing conflict. You might choose to trek the Great Wall of China, or to travel through the desert to Petra in Jordan, Indiana Jones-style. However you choose to journey back in time, you’ll be doing it in the sure knowledge that it will be improving your prospects for the future.
The adventure of travel is an adventure in learning. You experience the real world, taking lessons from it that perhaps no school can test you on, but which you can later apply in life itself.

Image by skippyjon, used under Creative Commons license.

iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test (FUNNY)

For those wondering, this is a dummy iPhone 6 Plus unit which we got from the store, alongside our real iPhone and iPhone Plus 6 units. Pam’s reaction: priceless!

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